Thai Son Scientific Technology JSC., is the exclusive distributor and authorized dealer of leading firms in the disinfection and sterilization in healthcare facilities



With a team of dedicated and experienced staff trained by the manufacturer’s best engineers and professional sales methods, we believe to satisfy all customers.



Thai Son has always striven to build a lasting belief in customers, partners, the community, and in each of their employees in order to bring the highest value by:

  • To provide customers with products and services with consistent quality, competitive prices, on time, and perfect after-sale service.
  • Learning, developing, and improving our company to become the most trusted, professional, and efficient partner in the Vietnamese market.
  • Resistant development and business efficiency to give benefit both companies.

Develop a collaborative working environment and good career development for all employees. Growth of the company has always been associated with improving the quality of life and work of each member of the company



Become a leading disinfection and sterilization product supplier in Vietnam and a prestigious partner in the international market.



Reliability – Quality – In time

Quality products and services: The elements that make up the company’s lasting development

Motto action: Drastically, dare to think, dare to take responsibility.

Customer Care: Building lasting belief to become the most professional and reliable partner.

Safety factors: Risk factor is always in control of Thai Son

Consciousness, spirit, the responsibility of Thai Son staff: To promote the spirit of kindness, solidarity, and synergy between staff to form a strong team.



  • Lasting development, to become a strong company in the field of infection control.
  • To improve customer service in compliance with standard processes in order to bring maximum benefit and satisfaction to customers.
  • To promote brand development of Thai Son to become a national brand in the laundry sterilization sector.
  • To develop good cultural values in the company.



Now with a staff of over 15 people were screened, regularly trained to improve their professional capability, to combine with the dynamic creation, serious working attitude, professional and spiritual commitment, and dedicated work.

We are sure that the Thai Son will take further steps on the road to conquer the great success ahead.