THAISONLAB is the exclusive distributor and authorized dealer of leading brands in the world in providing solutions related to disinfection and sterilization in healthcare facilities.

THAISONLAB was born with the mission of providing the best quality products and the most perfect service to customers.

THAISONLAB is always proud to be an important contributor to maintaining and improving community health.



THAISONLAB aims to become a leading supplier of disinfection and sterilization products in Vietnam, with a reputation in the international arena.

THAISONLAB always strives with the mission of building sustainable trust with customers, partners, the community, and each member of THAISONLAB, to bring everyone the highest values by:

  • Provide customers with the best quality products and services, the most competitive prices, on time, and the most perfect after-sale service.
  • Learn, build, and perfect the organization to become the most reliable, professional, and effective partner in the Vietnam market.
  • Sustainable development and effective business to serve the interests of the whole company.

THAISONLAB always builds the best working environment, cooperation, and career development for all members.

THAISONLAB‘s growth is always associated with improving the quality of life and work of each member of THAISONLAB.



THAISONLAB builds business philosophy: RELIABLE – QUALITY – SAFETY – TIMELY

RELIABILITY – Building sustainable trust to become the most reliable and professional partner for customers.

QUALITY – The quality of products and services is the factor that creates the sustainable development of THAISONLAB.

SAFETY – The risk factor is always under THAISONLAB‘s control.

TIMELY – Provide timely solutions with the motto of action Be decisive, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility.



THAISONLAB is proud to have staffs who are screened, regularly trained, and improve their professional qualifications and capabilities locally and abroad. Each member is always dynamic, creative, always learning, has a serious and professional working attitude, a spirit of attachment, and works conscientiously.

THAISONLAB always prioritizes the policy of putting people at the center and building a happy, professional, effective, and inspiring working environment so that all members can maximize their abilities and creativity on the job.

THAISONLAB is a collective of consciousness, spirit, and responsibility. Each member promotes the spirit of friendliness, solidarity, and synergy to create a strong team, going further on the road to conquering great successes in the future.