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MetriShine™ – Descaler and Rust Remover

A two-in-one product that enhances the life and efficiency of instruments, automated washers and equipment.

– Removes water scale and mineral deposits in automated washers
and autoclaves

– Removes rust stains, spotting and corrosion from stainless steel

– Free rinsing, not leaving a residue

– Restores instruments instead of replacing or repairing them

10-9300 1 gallon

4 bottles/case


Multi-Purpose Instrument Cleaner, Polisher and Cart Washer Agent

An alkaline pH, low-foaming, concentrated cleaner for stainless steel instruments and cart washers.

– Cleans blood and inorganic soils

– Removes stains

– Increases instrument functionality

– For use in most water conditions

– Restores shine

10-8100 1 gallon

4 bottles/case

MetriWash™ – Instrument Detergent Concentrate

A neutral pH, low-foaming instrument detergent that effectively
cleans and rinses freely from instruments.

– Noncorrosive

– No phosphates, chlorides, or hydroxides

– Cost effective

10-3300 1 gallon

4 bottles/case

MetriSponge™ – Sponge Saturated with MetriZyme

MetriSponge is a unique, specially contoured sponge saturated with MetriZyme dual-enzymatic detergent.

– Simplifies effective precleaning of instrumentation

– Unique shape easily forms around cylindrical instruments

10-4025 25 sponges/box

4 boxes/case