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GUARDIAN™ Residual Peroxide

Serim® GUARDIAN™ RESIDUAL PEROXIDE Test Strips provide a rapid and convenient means for measuring the concentration of peroxide remaining in dialysate lines and dialyzers after disinfection with peracetic acid/peroxide-based disinfectants (such as Renalin®, Actril®, Minncare®, Puristeril®340, Peracidin®, PerAldecide™ and Micro-X®).

GUARDIAN™ Peracetic Acid

Serim® GUARDIAN™ PERACETIC ACID Test Strips provide a rapid, convenient means of indicating the concentration of peracetic acid in dialyzer reprocessing concentrates such as Renalin®, Puristeril® 340, Peracidin®, PerAldecide™ and Micro-X®.

GUARDIAN™ HiSense Ultra 0.1

Serim® GUARDIAN™ HiSENSE ULTRA 0.1™ Test Strips provide a quick and convenient semi-quantitative test for indicating low levels of total chlorine(chloramines/free chlorine) in feed water used to prepare dialysate.

GUARDIAN™ Water Hardness

Serim® GUARDIAN™ WATER HARDNESS Test Strips provide a convenient means for indicating the level of hardness in water at the post-softener stage of the water treatment process in dialysis clinics, hospitals, food production, etc. Hardness is described as the total concentration of calcium and magnesium, expressed as ppm or grains/gallon of calcium carbonate (CaCO3).